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4 Ball Bonus Discount Vouchers

Exclusively For DGH Clients

We Are Pleased To Introduce Our ‘4 BALL BONUS’ Scheme!

Each year we are rewarding our regular and also ‘new customers’ who decide to make a following booking with DGH for their next golf break. For every golf holiday booking of 4 or more golfers made, we will issue you with a discount voucher off your next golf holiday which could be worth up to 100€!

The ‘4 Ball Bonus’ discount voucher is a loyalty reward as an incentive for clients to use DGH on a regular basis to book their golf holidays throughout Spain, Portugal and other European destinations.


This Is How Our ‘4 Ball Bonus’ Works:

For each booking which combines hotel & golf, you will receive a discount on every multiple of 4 in your group; your group size will determine the amount of discount you will receive which can be redeemed on your following booking.

Each holiday package booked for 4 or more golfers will receive a 10€ discount voucher to use on their next trip.

When you book a package for 8 or more golfers you’ll receive a 25€ discount voucher to use against your next booking.

If you book your golf break for 12 or more golfers you’ll receive a 45€ discount voucher to use on your next package.

Book your next golf package for 16 or more and you’ll receive a 70€ discount voucher to use on your following trip.

And if your golf trip is for 20 or more people you get a whopping 100€ discount voucher to use next time!

General Terms:

  • The voucher can be used towards any golf package which includes a combination of hotel & green fees booked within a twelve month period of the issue date.
  • The voucher is not valid for a reservation which is for green fees only.
  • The voucher cannot be redeemed against the booking for which it is awarded for.
  • The voucher is not transferable and can only be used by the person it has been awarded to, unless stated otherwise.
  • The voucher is in no way redeemable for cash.
  • DGH reserve the right to refuse acceptance of the voucher if they feel that the above terms have been breached.
  • DGH also reserve the right to terminate this programme at any time but will honour all vouchers that have already been submitted towards a future package.

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