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Spain is one of Europe's leading destinations for Golfing Holidays.

Enjoy the best of Spain, with Direct Golf Holidays. 

Spain is one of Europes most popular Golf Holiday destinations, with some exciting destinations to offer. Direct Golf Holidays have been providing golfers with discount holiday packages to Spain, for many years. Why not get a quotation from us and discover why we have remained the leading golf holiday company throughout the crisis! Our websites is packed with information on each destination we cater for, including detailed Golf course guides, hotels guides and much more!


An alternative, less built up destination in southern Spain for Golfing Holidays.

Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca boasts some outstanding golf courses and beaches.

Costa Brava

The Catalunya region of Spain with golf in City of Barcelona

Costa del Sol

Spain's leading destination for golfing holidays, the Costa del Golf!

Costa de la Luz

The furthest destination on the southern Coast, with some great courses!


Off the west coast of Africa, a great destination for some winter golf!


The Capital City of Spain, perfect for a Golf and City break.


The largest of Balearic Islands off the south east coast of mainland Spain.


Murcia lies on the coast between the Costa Blanca and Almeria


Golf Holidays in Seville, a traditional Andalucian city

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For your golf holiday, choose Spain

The popularity of golf in Spain has to be mainly attributed to it's superb climate, that in many regions allows "year round play", when other parts of Europe are suffering the "wrath" of winter. Another reason might be that the Spanish have taken golf very seriously, not only as a viable boost for tourism, but also as a respected game within the country.

Many of the golf courses in Spain have been designed by some of the best designers in Europe and most of them are kept in outstanding condition all year round. Many of the golf clubs and resorts, especially those along the coast of Spain, have ensured that golfers are well catered for, with the best in modern facilities, restaurants, bars and alternative sporting activities, in luxurious surroundings.


golf holidays in spain

Spain is an ideal autum/winter destination, especially for golfers, the milder climate allows you to enjoy your sport when other parts of Europe are experiencing the cold damp weather. In the south of Spain, Almeria, Costa del Sol (Malaga) and indeed some of the Islands, Tenerife and Mallorca, the weather can remain warm and sunny, with tempretures into the 20's until mid January. After that date the wetter months continue until May, during this time you may experience some days of heavy rainfall and cold evenings, however these are more often than not, accompanied by warm sunny days. The south of Spain is Europe's best destination for winter getaways and a must for golfers wishing to "keep up thier play" while the weather prevents it in other European countries.

The main golf destinations in Spain are along it's Mediterranean coastline, from the Costa Brava (Barcelona) down to the Atlantic region of the Costa de la Luz (Cadiz). The main "pride" of Spain and it's leading golf destination being the Costa del Sol (Malaga) region, with it's impressive collection of golf courses and golf resorts. In fact the area has now been officially "twin named" the Costa del Golf in acknowledgment of it's status as Europe's leading golf destination. The Costa de La Luz is also becoming a very popular destination for golf in Spain, it does not have the vast amount of courses and choice of the Costa del Sol, but the courses that exist here are of "world class" and the region retains a traditional, hospitable and relaxing charm that attracts visitors from all over Europe. The Costa Blanca is also somewhat of a golf "hot spot" and boasts some of Europes best championship courses.

The Mediterranean coast line of Spain and all it's major resorts are easy to access from almost all major cities in Europe, many of the low cost airlines offer flights into Spain's major destinations at very low rates (if booked in advance). This makes Spain an attractive place with even a modest budget, accommodation is also very reasonably priced at most times of the year too. Transport within the country has become ever more easy, with a good road network and ever more reliable public transport and taxis, a sign that Spain has modernised fast. There is no visa system for visitors from Europe, you need only a valid passport to enter Spain, this along with the regular cheap flights, has made Spain a destination for a golf weekend, as well as for the longer golf holiday in Spain.

With golf courses, resorts and clubs of the high standard you will find in Spain, it would be expected that the price tag for playing at these superb establishments would be high. In fact that is quite the opposite, the rates for playing golf in Spain are very reasonable at all but the most prestigious clubs, golf is not considered a sport for the wealthy in Spain, more a mainstream sport for all to enjoy. There are over 100 golf courses along the coast of Spain, with an astonishing 50 on the Costa del Sol alone, this also helps to keep the green fee's bearable, with stiff competition between the clubs.

Golf tourism in Spain takes many forms, of course for many people the golf is only a small portion of the holiday experience. Visitor arrive all year round, for a whole host of reasons and all with different expectations of how their holiday or business trip should be. Spain is well equipped to cater for almost every taste and it's diversity will ensure that everyone is kept happy. With a little careful planning your visit to Spain can be whatever you want it to be, with bustling modern resorts, or traditional relaxing countryside, fine sandy beaches, exciting sports and many other activities just waiting to greet you.