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Graham – Spain

Firstly let me thank you for organising the trip. 99% of it went very smoothly, even to the point of organising Spain to win the Euro cup whilst we were out there! (Don’t know how you pulled that one off, but if you could have a word about England in the world cup in 2 years time it would be appreciated!)

Unfortunately the 1% bad thing was the vehicle hire. Luis ( the rep for Gold car), and his obnoxious female assistant, who incidentally, while you were talking to Luis on the phone, confirmed and gestured to him, that whatever the decision, it was a definite NO to the vehicle hire. It was never made clear to us or yourself that vehicle hire was then subject to an additional 86 euro per vehicle surcharge for the fuel. Which is non refundable for returning the vehicle with a full tank of fuel? His advice to us, use as much fuel as possible! Very helpful! Incidentally, our fuel bill for the weekend finished up at a total of 26 euros

However, after speaking to you, we went to the Hertz desk and hired a transit type vehicle, which seated all of us and plenty of space for the bags. The cost of vehicle was 580 euros. I don’t know the breakdown of the costings of the trip, so not sure whether that is better value than hiring 2 of the smaller vehicles.

I know you are in Portugal at the moment but feel the sooner we can clear this slight problem up the better.

Apart from that, again, let me thank you for planning the trip and look forward to using you again in the future (possibly September or early next year)