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Simon – Monte Rei

it was great thanks. Nice to play Cima again and Ria was great too, however the highlight was Monte Rei. This place takes first prize for customer care and set up really amazing – definitely worth revisiting. Meet and greet, unlimited balls for practice, 15 minutes between tee times…

One bit of feedback for instructions: a lot of the car hire companies are no longer in the arrivals hall. Here’s what you do: enter arrivals hall, turn left and walk up to exit the building by turning right at the Pharmacy. Cross the road and walk through the first car park and you will see a white structure (I can only describe this as looking like one of those plastic garden gazebos, but larger and made of concrete.)

In there are the reps for the car hire companies.  Other than that everything went smoothly apart from poor old Colin who would have loved Monte Rei thanks for organising everything so wonderfully Diane .

Regards, Simon