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Discover the Best Seasons for Golfing in the Algarve

The Algarve is not only celebrated for its breathtaking natural landscapes and sunny beaches but also for its outstanding golf courses. With mild weather year-round, this region offers an idyllic setting for golf enthusiasts. However, the experience of playing on these courses can greatly vary depending on the weather conditions and the time of year.

Winter Golfing: November to February

The winter months in the Algarve bring cooler weather, which translates into the most budget-friendly golfing rates. This is also a great time for travellers looking for a bargain, as accommodation prices tend to be lower. While the temperatures are cooler compared to other seasons, they are still mild enough to enjoy a round of golf without too much chill.

Spring Awakening: March and April

As spring arrives, the weather begins to warm up, and the likelihood of rain diminishes. This improvement in conditions causes both golf course rates and tourist activity to increase. Golf courses start to bustle with activity during these months, making it wise to book your tee times in advance to secure your spot on the green.

Peak Season: May, September, and October

During May, September, and October, the Algarve sees its peak golf season. These months attract numerous golfers due to the perfect playing conditions—comfortable temperatures with a low chance of rain. The courses are often fully booked, and rates are at their highest, so planning ahead is necessary if you intend to hit the links during these busy times.

The Calm Before the Summer: June

June is somewhat of a transitional period in the Algarve, with pleasantly warm weather and increasing, but not yet peak, rates. The approach of summer vacations keeps the golf courses less crowded than in the peak months. Rain is rare in June, making it an excellent time for golfers who prefer a quieter round without the extremes of the busy season.

The Heat of Summer: July and August

In contrast, July and August present the hottest months of the year, which tends to deter golfers from spending extensive periods on the course. As a result, the courses are quieter, and the rates are reasonably low, despite it being the high season for general tourism in the Algarve. The likelihood of rain is minimal, but the high temperatures may prompt players to enjoy shorter games or to seek refreshment by the beach or pool afterwards.

Choosing Your Ideal Time

Selecting the best time to play golf in the Algarve depends on what you’re looking for in your golf holiday. Whether it’s budget-friendly travel and cooler play conditions, the lively ambiance of the peak season, or the warm tranquillity of the summer months, the Algarve offers a time and season that caters to every golfer’s preference.