Dunas de Doñana

Golf Course in Costa de la Luz

Course Features

  • 18 Holes
  • An unforgettable experience for all levels of golfers

The course’s 18 holes were designed a wise combination of links and American styles, an unforgettable experience for golfers of all levels. The spacious tees, its Bermuda fairways and its huge Penncross greens stand for a totally versatile course, making it seem different every day. The course is easy to walk and requires the use of all clubs in the bag. The first nine holes (Doñana Course) do not only offer a great golf quality, but they are also a walk through an incomparable natural environment. The second nine holes (Atlantic Course) let the golfer develop all his creativity with the clubs. After the course, the holes you played remain alive and present in your memory – a sign for really having enjoyed the course. Its designer, Fernando Menaya Nieto-Aliseda has perfectly succeeded in integrating the holes into the environment of the “Doñana National Park”. Besides, he has designed a course with a great variety of holes, where the golfer, pro or amateur never loses interest.

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