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How do I get a golf license in Spain?

To legally play golf in Spain, you need to obtain a golf license, also known as a “handicap certificate.” This license certifies your skill level and allows you to play on golf courses across the country. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get a golf license in Spain:

Step 1: Join a Golf Club

To begin the process, you must first join a golf club in Spain. Membership in a recognized golf club is mandatory to acquire a golf license. Research and choose a golf club that suits your preferences and location.

Step 2: Complete a Golf Handicap Certificate Course

Once you’ve become a member of a golf club, you will need to complete a golf handicap certificate course. This course is designed to evaluate your golfing abilities and ensure you meet the required standards. It usually consists of practical assessments and theory lessons covering rules and etiquette.

Step 3: Participate in Qualifying Rounds

After completing the handicap certificate course, you will need to participate in a series of qualifying rounds. These rounds assess your golfing skills and determine your handicap. It’s important to note that the number of rounds required may vary depending on the golf club and the course difficulty.

Step 4: Submit Handicap Application

Once you have completed the required qualifying rounds and achieved a satisfactory handicap, you can proceed to submit your handicap application. The application can be obtained from your golf club’s administrative office. Fill out the form accurately and attach any necessary documents or fees as specified.

Step 5: Handicap Confirmation and License Issuance

After submitting your application, the golf club’s handicap committee will review it. If everything is in order, you will receive confirmation of your handicap and the issuance of your golf license. Congratulations! You are now officially licensed to play golf in Spain.

FAQs about Getting a Golf License in Spain

1. How long does it take to get a golf license in Spain?

The duration can vary depending on factors such as the golf club’s processing time and your availability to participate in qualifying rounds. On average, the process takes around 4-6 weeks from joining the club to receiving your golf license.

2. Can I use my existing handicap certificate from another country?

If you already possess a valid handicap certificate from another recognized golfing association, you may be able to transfer your handicap to Spain. Contact your chosen golf club for specific details on the transfer process.

3. Are there any age restrictions for obtaining a golf license in Spain?

No, there are no specific age restrictions for obtaining a golf license in Spain. However, individual golf clubs may have their own policies regarding age limitations for membership.

4. Do I need a golf license to play on all golf courses in Spain?

Yes, a golf license is generally required to play on most golf courses in Spain. It is a standard requirement to ensure that players have a minimum level of competence and understanding of the game.

5. How often do I need to renew my golf license?

Once you have obtained your golf license in Spain, it is generally valid indefinitely. However, some golf clubs may have specific renewal procedures or may require periodic reassessment of handicaps.

6. Can I play golf in Spain without a golf license?

While it is possible to play golf without a license in some cases, it is highly recommended to obtain a golf license to enjoy the full range of golfing opportunities and facilities in Spain. Having a license also ensures you meet the necessary skill standards and understand the rules and etiquette of the game.


Obtaining a golf license in Spain is a straightforward process that involves joining a golf club, completing a handicap certificate course, participating in qualifying rounds, and submitting your application. Remember, having a golf license not only allows you to play on various golf courses in Spain but also demonstrates your commitment to the sport and your understanding of its rules and etiquette. So, follow the steps outlined in this guide, and soon you’ll be ready to tee off in the beautiful golf courses of Spain.