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Algarve – May 2022

Diane So after that first day muck up with the transfer company – they were great. He did tell me that a replacement coach had arrived within 10 minutes – obviously we were not to know that, hence the panic as tee times loomed. The golf courses were fantastic – the set up at Cima and Ria was brilliant. The staff at all courses really friendly and accommodating, all the courses were in great condition. The town of monte gordo was a bit sleepy – but just about enough, our average age is creeping up now. Really was a great tour. I’ve told the boys this is the last I’m organising, we’ll see whether I stick to that, however many years it is I’ve been doing it, I just want to turn up and look after myself, not have to worry about anyone else for a change. I’ll obviously put in a good word for you with whosoever the next tour organiser is – but it’s they’re baby so we’ll see. Thanks for the help over the years, you’ve made it very easy. All the best. Chris FYI there seems to be a desire to be more resort based in future. When it’s decided who is going to organise, I’ll let you know so you can include them on your email dbase.

Tourettes Tour 22 – Quinta da Ria golf course