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Frank – Vilamoura

I think I speak on behalf of all of us to say we had a fantastic golf trip (despite the Polotur driver’s best endeavours to ruin it for us at the end!)

We were pretty lucky with the weather with 21-23 degrees daytime temperatures and the scheduled thunderstorms not materialising on the final day. This week it looks like it would have been way too hot (32 degrees)

So thanks very much for creating this package for us and for following up on the final minibus trip.

Here is some specific feedback as input into any other golf groups interested in a similar trip booked with yourselves.

Hotel / location:

– I’ve been to Vilamoura once before and remember some of it vaguely. It is ideal in so many ways. We don’t like locations that are “just for golfers” so this fitted the bill perfectly. Short walks to the marina, plenty of places to eat and drink and a real mixture of people all relaxed and on holiday. Despite the great Briitish tradition of ripping the heart out of resorts like this, it hasn’t happened here and remains a very pleasant place to stay. Lively but fun and good natured – no 18-30 crowd and no stag parties. Brilliant for the likes of us in our 40s and 50s and family friendly. Inevitably one or two seedy individuals selling you can imagine what late at night (yes both of those things) but nothing too overt.

– The hotel was fine for our purposes, plenty of space, everything worked and staff were great.


– Despite the issues at the start and end (with the same driver oddly enough) all pick-ups and drop-offs were on time. Certainly way better than driving yourself and a really good deal in the end.


– Pinheiros Altos and VDL Ocean were outstanding. Gramacho and Pinta were very good too, if – dare I say it – a bit easy with many par 4s of around 300 yards.

– I would not recommend tackling VDL Ocean without a buggy. I think I read somewhere it’s and easy walking course – it’s anything but! I did need the exercise though.

Hope to come back to you again next year for our 2016 trip but please come forward and let me know of any deals going on places like Vilamoura (e.g Marbella, Alicante etc). Because of our rather specific travel requirements (Wednesday afternoons – Luton and Gatwick compatible etc) we can’t go too exotic or unusual.

Regards and obrigado,