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Harris – MARBELLA – SEP 2019

Just wanted to give you a short feedback from our trip.

The hotel was very good, the only complaint was they opened breakfast at 7:30 when we were leaving at 8:00. But if we come again I think we would start 1/2 to an 1 hr later.

Los Noranjos was v good, La Quinta and Marbella had spectacular views, but were not as popular, and if we came again I think we would play different courses. The organisation at the Marbella Country Club was good for storage and showers.

The transport was v good, mostly early or on time. I think they were late 5-10 mins late one morning an 15 minutes on the last day (which caused a little panic).

I, personally had a little accident on the first day on the first hole, the going to the buggy after my second shot, I slipped and banged the back of my head.

The club organised an ambulance with a doctor, who took me to a private hospital Helicopter Sanitaros in Puerto Banus. 5 stitches later I went and played the last 9 holes! The treatment was fantastic!

Our next trip will be in 2 years, I think we will return.

Your organisation was excellent.

Best Regards,