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Mark – ALGARVE – OCT 17

Thanks for arranging the Portimao trip, we had a great time. Photo below on the first at Palmeres.

One of the boys had a moan that the hotel didn’t know we needed twin rooms, not doubles which the hotel said they didn’t know about. Anyway he got a room switch and the rest of us just got on with it. Not that we had much sleep!

Palmeres in the afternoon was very slow, 3 hours and 10 minutes for 9 holes. We did complain and ask about compensation, even a round of drinks would have been good but by the time we finished (in the dark), the clubhouse had shut. It would be interesting whether you can get any joy with them. Beautiful course though!

Our attention is turning to next year, the boys want Italy. Are you interested in looking into it for us? I don’t see it on your website but it might be a new destination to add…..