Golf Course in Costa Blanca

Course Features


    Bonalba Golf Course with the variety of its vegetation, lakes and water hazards, its great number of bunkers and its wide greens arranged in an amusing design made by Ramón Espinosa makes it an interesting and appealing challenge for the amateur golfer as well as for the professionals.

    A slope rating of 132 on the yellow bars shows us the degree of difficulty of the course. The first 9 holes are quite technical, as the golfer has to avoid three of the five existent lakes, which play an important role in five of the first nine holes of the round. The three last holes of the first part of the round can spoil even the best score card.

    The second 9 holes, being also quite technical, require a stronger stroke, they are holes where the dominant breeze from Levante makes it difficult to reach the green, normally forcing the golfers to use more “woods” than usual, especially on holes 16, 17, and 18, where the breeze blows right into the faces of the golfers.

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