El Prat

Golf Course in Costa Brava

Course Features

  • 45 Holes
  • El Prat course is a pleasure to play

El Prat was one of the first golf courses designed in Europe by the Australian player Greg Norman and incorporates his vision in two parts; the ability to enjoy golf regardless of your level and to blend the course into the natural environment to give an impression that it has been a part of the landscape for centuries. The result is a 45-hole course that is specifically designed for the golfer on every shot. The 45-holes can be divided up into five 9-hole courses to provide a combination of up to nine different routes making El Prat a golf course that has established itself as one of the best in Europe. The fairways offer gentle slopes to large greens that make the most of the natural terrain preserving the characteristics of the area. El Prat is a pleasure to play and one of those courses that make this sport great!

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