Lisbon Sports Club

Golf Course in Lisbon

Course Features

  • 18 Holes
  • Situated very close to Lisbon
  • Course blends harmoniously into a romantic landscape of dense vegetation

Situated very close to Lisbon, the course blends harmoniously into a romantic landscape of dense vegetation. It demands both skill and imagination because of a watercourse which strongly influences at least twelve holes of the round. At the first hole, a par 3, a number of difficulties – woods to the left, stream to the right and bunkers on both sides challenge the player from even the first shot. Then, before the golfer is properly warmed up, they have to face another par 3 at the third, though this time of even greater difficulty due to its 180m length. Up until the final hole (a tricky par 4 crossed in the middle by a stream), the player can enjoy unforgettable contact with nature, and admire the cypresses, the eucalyptuses and wild flowers, while at the same time facing up to shots that tax their imagination.

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