Centro Nacional de Golf

Golf Course in Madrid

Course Features

  • 18 Holes
  • Integrated the City of Madrid

The National Golf Centre of the Royal Spanish Golf Federation stands on public owned land made available by the Madrid City Council and bordered by the walls of the Monte del Pardo, the M-40 ring road and the Mirasierra neighbourhood. Fully integrated into the city of Madrid, the National Golf Centre is an urban, public, popular course with a nearby metro station and bus stops, which make it one of a kind in Europe. It’s a golf course with lakes, bunkers, technical difficulties, that encourages the player to risk. The best thing: the end of the trail is spectacular, the clubhouse and the club are high and the last three holes are played in this area and form a natural amphitheatre. With an area of 62 hectares, the 18-hole trail (ten pars 4, four pars 3 and many pars 5) where they stand numbers 5, 6, 12 and 18, it is designed to hold the most prestigious golf tournaments.

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