Mosa Trajectrum

Golf Course in Murcia

Course Features

  • 27 holes
  • Spectacular and challenging landscape

Mosa Trajectum Golf has a 27 hole championship course (Stone, Olive & Pine Courses) as well as a par 3 Challenge Course. The championship course runs through the resort, through a spectacular and challenging landscape with a variety of plants and trees, cacti, open rock faces and a multitude of water features. The course has been designed by Brain Connelly and Peter Hoogcarspel to fit in with the natural ecology of the area in which is it situated, nestled on the edge of a nature reserve at the bottom of the Murcia Mountains. The exclusive 9-holes par 3 Challenge Course distinguishes itself through its particular design. The greens and fairways are laid out to harmonize perfectly with the existing countryside. As the terrain is slightly rolling, this golfing paradise will offer you the unique experience of a subtropical landscape that finds its way through canyons.

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